Cyberbullying Is Becoming More Of A Problem Than Traditional Bullying

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Cyberbullying is becoming more of a problem than traditional bullying, more kids are getting social media and bullying others each and every day. This type of bullying continues to grow with the amount of technology that is coming out into the world. Cyberbullying does not get taken as serious as traditional bullying. It is becoming a huge problem in this day in age and needs more attention than it is getting. Social media is a huge factor for this type of bullying to take place. Nobody takes it seriously because of the fact that most kids never report that they are getting cyberbullied. There are many consequences for this type of bullying and it needs to be stopped before the consequences get worse.

Cyberbullying is becoming more of an issue than traditional bullying because of social media. Social media gives kids the opportunity to bully others and not get caught because they are hiding behind a screen. "Bullying among teens in the United States had become an increased problem since the invention of the Internet only several decades ago. Teens use their access to the internet to target other teens that might have emotional struggles already. Bullies use social networking sites, such as Facebook, to send off bad messages about their peers for everyone acquainted with the bully to see. The harsh comments eventually end up in person at school, making it an environment the victim can not learn in." (Lindsey, para. 1) Most people do no report that they are getting bullied so
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