Cyberbullying Is Not The Perfect Invention?

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With one click of a button, someone’s life can instantly be ruined. For example, in the film Cyberbullying on ABC family the main character gets bullied on a social media website because her best friend pretended to be a guy and spread rumors about her being pregnant and a prostitute. Her getting bullied for it got to the point where she tried to commit suicide. The internet is not the perfect invention because it causes cyberbullying, addiction, and lack of privacy.
First of all, cyberbullying is when a student is targeted by another student using technology this affects a majority of teenagers every year. This day and age cyberbullying are one of the most frequently used forms of bullying because the user can remain anonymous; therefore, making it extremely easy to criticize and misjudge someone. First, Schneider says, “School bullying is widely known to be associated with many negative indicators, including lower academic achievement, lower school satisfaction, and lower levels of attachment and commitment to school, known as school bonding.” Cyberbullying affects the students’ performance in school, and affects the student from communicating. When a student is bullied, they have low self- esteem because they feel like they do not belong with the rest of their peers. Research has shown that, “A majority (59.7%) of cyberbullying victims were also school bullying victims.” Students get bullied at school for their appearance, gender, race, and sexuality. Cyberbullying
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