Cyberbullying Prevention And The Prevention

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The prevention and responding to Cyberbullying is a way to stay away from all the dangers. Parents, schools and anyone can help stop children from cyberbullying and help them if they are getting cyberbullied. Anyone can help the prevention of cyber bullying, help others respond to it, and warn people about how dangerous it can become. Cyberbullying prevention can start with just anyone, from parents to other teens across the whole U.S. Parents can talk to their children while they are growing up about how bad online bullying can get. They can inform their children that if they see any signs of cyberbullying to immediately tell them, or another adult that can bring it to other people’s attention. Monitoring what teenagers do online can help with the prevention, although the teens could then go on to start something against others because they feel they have no privacy. Many parents are starting to see if they can ban together to start a so called no cyberbullying act. Many different schools throughout the U.S. have started developing a prevention method online. They are starting websites that can insure that the children are safe on the websites such as iSafe, Cyber Bullying: A prevention Curriculum, and Sticks and Stones of Cyberbullying. Many of these websites are starting to take effect all over the world, teenagers are starting to go on those rather than all the other apps or websites that have no filter. Many of the teenagers have been seen being more happy, and…
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