Cyberbullying, School Bullying, And Psychological Distress

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Introduction This paper is a review of the article, Cyberbullying, School Bullying, and Psychological Distress: A Regional Census of High School Students. The article describes a research study performed to determine the prevalence of cyber and school bullying, and how it is associated with psychological distress among high school students. For the study, 20,406 nine through twelfth grade students in Massachusetts were surveyed to assess their victimization via bullying, and the psychological distress that accompanied it, which also included mental health effects like depression and suicidality. When examining the study based on the article presented, the study clearly outlined all necessary information on how the study was conducted, its purpose, as well as any procedures taken to conduct the study successfully. Title for the study The title of the study must seek to accomplish three things according to Creswell’s checklist for quantitative research evaluation. The title of the article outlines and addresses those three things effectively. The title addresses both the independent variable, which would be cyber and school bullying, and dependent variable, which would be psychological distress. The title, though not specific, does imply a relationship between the two variables. Finally, the title explicitly mentions the participants and the site used to conduct the study, which are students in a high school setting. Problem Statement When examining the study’s
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