Cyberbullying: Social Media and Its Effects

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Cyber-bullying: Social Media and its Affects Introduction to Cyber Bullying Since the man has first walked on the planet Earth, they have been encountering infinite social dilemmas and nobody is left untouched with its drastic impacts. While considering the numerous social concerns of the today's fast paced world, bullying, indeed cyber bullying has become one of the aspects that needs serious consideration. The statistical analysis evidently presents the fact that bullying has become an ever growing issue of the modern world of today (Kowalski, Limber & Agatston, 2012). The phenomenon of bullying refers to a behavior of an individual or a group of people that is unfriendly, hostile or aggressive. Bullying is particularly carried out with the motive to hurt, threaten or abuse the other person who is usually weaker in appearance. Moreover, bullying is done to make the physically stronger person represent with superiority or dominance. This insulting and unpleasant action of the individual that is termed as bullying is typically recurring in nature that continues with time (Abrams, 2012). The common elements on which the bullies intimidate the weaker person (who are even called the victims) characteristically include abilities, gender, race, cultures or religion. In fact, the tools or techniques that are usually used by the bullies include verbal persecution, physical assault, mental pressure and coercion (Abrams, 2012). In a very similar manner, cyber bullying a
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