Cyberbullying: The New Form Of Bullying. When Sending Our

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Cyberbullying: The New Form of Bullying When sending our children to school we expect them to be able to learn without distractions, but bullying makes that impossible. Bullying has been recognized as a problem for school children globally. In fact, school bullying has proven to be a risk factor for suicide, which has been identified as one of the top causes of death among teens (Erick Messias, 2014). Now that bullying and its importance has been acknowledged as a critical concern, several prevention methods has been established to combat the issue. However, many are unaware of a new form of bullying, the growing phenomenon of cyberbullying in and out of schools. It has been proven that cyberbullying not only occurs in schools, but…show more content…
Today’s youth are often led to do and say crueler things compared to what is done and said in a typical traditional face-to-face bullying situation, due to the separation effect technology devices have (Donegan, 2012). Technology now offers the ability to make fake profile pages on social media sites, and the use of applications which provides fake telephone number, both of which facilitate cyberbullies. Like traditional bullying, cyberbullying is associated with several negative impacts that many parents should be aware of since many allow their children to use the internet and have cell phones. Types and Description Identical to traditional forms of bullying, cyberbullying comes in many forms. I have listed the different types of cyberbullying, followed by a short description. Flaming -Online fights using electronic messages with angry and rude language (Willard, 2007). Harassment- Repeatedly sending mean, nasty, and insulting messages Denigration- “Dissing” someone online. Sending or posting gossip or rumors about a person to damage his or her reputation or friendships. Impersonation- Pretending to be someone else and sending or posting material to damage that person’s reputation or friendships or get that person in trouble or danger. Outing- Sharing someone’s embarrassing information, secrets, or images online. Trickery- Talking someone into revealing secrets or embarrassing

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