Cyberbullying : What Teachers And Schools Can Do From The Scholastic Inc.

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Introduction Attention Getter: According to Caralee Adams a school official states in her article Cyberbullying: What teachers and schools can do from the Scholastic Inc. in 2014, “42% of kids have been bullied online—1 in 4 have had it happen more than once”. Central Idea: Cyberbullying must be stopped, cyberbullies are using sites like Facebook and text messaging to bully their victims. According to cyberbullying statistics in their article Bullying Statistics in 2013 states around half of all teens have been victims to cyberbullying, the person sitting next to you at this very moment could be one of those victims. Establish credibility: I have done hours of research on cyberbullying and solutions for cyberbullying. Transition: First I will inform you about cyberbullying, second about possible solutions and lastly about an ideal solution for cyberbullying Body I. Stop Cyberbullying’s article Cyberbullying from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services in 2013, informs their audience about the newest form of bullying, Cyberbullying. I will first inform you of the definition of cyberbullying then I will inform you what cyberbullying is. A. The definition of cyberbullying is an electronic form of bullying mostly through cell phones, computers and or tablets using social media sites, text messages, and websites such as Facebook (Stop

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