Cyberbullying and the Effect of the Adolescence Social Behavior

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Cyber Bullying and The Effect of The Adolescence Social Behavior
Cyber bullying has been a fast-growing problem. It affects many children, but I would primarily be focusing on how it affects middle adolescence social behaviors. Cyber Bullying occurs in the digital realm and affects the adolescence at astonishing rates. It is considered a new branch of bullying. Though cyber bullying you cannot physically hurt someone, merely you can hurt the adolescence feelings and emotions, which in turn breaks up their social behaviors. Cyberbullying has become a main issue because adolescences are using the Internet and social media more at this age. They are spending countless amount of hours on the Internet. (Mishna, F., Saini, M., & Solomon, S., 2009) Although cyber bullying is done through digital devices, most of the times the children know each other and have some contact. For that reason, their social health gets affected. (Gofin, R., & Avitzour, M., 2012) They fear to attend school, or go to places where they know their perpetrator will be at. An American study in the year 2007 reported 17% of victims of cyberbullying and 18% cyberbullies at a school. For a particular school, it is something that has to be considered. (Walrave & Heirman, 2011) Due to cyberbullying being a recent concern there are not a lot of prevention programs where adolescence can go search for help. It is important to understand why cyber bullying is happening amongst middle adolescence, and how should
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