Cybercrime : A Form Of Cybercrime

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Cyberspying is a form of cybercrime in which hackers target computer networks in order to gain access to classified or other information that may be profitable or advantageous for the hacker. Cyberspying is an ongoing process that occurs over time in order to gain confidential information. It can result in everything from economic disaster to terrorism (Techopedia). Cyberspying can be devastating toward both the government and businesses due to the classified information that can lead to copied products and gain both personal and business secrets. This ends up with consequences from major loss of money to loss of life.


In December of 2009, Google began to notice persistent cyber-attacks aimed at acquiring information specific to Gmail accounts. The accounts were held by Chinese human rights activists, and Google wasn 't the only target. To the search engine giant 's credit, they quickly informed at least 20 other companies that they too were being targeted through a vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Preventive measures were taken, and McAfee Labs identified the problem in early 2010 and code-named it ‘Aurora’. The Aurora attackers used targeted emails with malware sent to individuals who were judged as good targets because they were likely to have a high level of access to valuable intellectual property. The reaction to this act of cyber espionage varied around the world. Microsoft sent a security breach report…

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