Cybercrime And Its Effects On Society

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Abstract-This research explores the different forms of cybercrime and its effects on society when compared to several years ago. Moreover, it focuses on the changes that have been made to fight the rise of cybercrimes. With the advances in technology allowing society to stay interconnected online, criminals, both who is not an expert and experienced, have taken advantage of growing opportunities. By taking into consideration the dangers on this issue, it is important to take action and provide solutions that change the current situation. This paper explains the impact of cybercrime on society in different forms such as security, economy, and psychology. Thus giving us a better understanding of cybercrime and its effects. While at the same…show more content…
They regularly crack computers for no criminal reason and they are sometimes even hired by organizations to test security. • Insiders: As the name suggests, they often reside within a company and because great damage and make the things worst and these hackers are meant for higher risk. • Advanced persistent threat Agents: They usually target companies/countries for business or political purpose. Their technical skills are in depth and can gain access to the greatest extent of computing resources and exploit vulnerabilities by using malware. So, law enforcement agencies are trying to resolve this problem, as cyberspace is growing rapidly as cybercrimes, then many people have become victims of hacking, identity theft, cyberstalking, cyber bullying, malware, Denial of service, masquerading, Computer intrusion, Social engineering etc. Hacking: It is a cybercrime which draws to unauthorized control/access over computer by breaking down. Hacking uses a variety of software for the destruction of the sensitive and personal data [1][2]. Identity theft: It is an act of acquiring and deceitfully utilizing passwords, account numbers or other individual or organization’s information for financial profit. In this action, the thief uses the data and commit fraud. Cyberstalking: It is a sort of online harassment where the victim is subjected to a flood of online messages and emails which create fear of use computer and the internet. If they
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