Cybercrime And The Fight Against Cybercrime

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Introduction The modern society has experienced profound effects due to information systems which characterize almost all facets of individual and community life. Accordingly, a large amount of research has been dedicated to creating understanding about this phenomenon. Arguably, this may have overshadowed the debate on the ethical, social and legal issues that have accompanied the advent of information systems (Schell & Martin, 2004). In particular, while many people are aware of cybercrime, very few understand its far-reaching implications. For this reason, this discussion will focus on exploring cybercrime, with a special focus on its legal, ethical and social impacts. In doing so, it will also comment on the responsibilities that computing professionals must undertake in the fight against cybercrime.
Legal Impacts The legal impacts of cybercrime are well visualized through law enforcement. Undoubtedly, the internet does not have boundaries like law enforcement (Stallings, 2010). Consequently, cybercrime has forced nations to depend on the cooperation of other nations in the fight against this form of crime. This is to ensure that the sovereignty of the nations involved is not compromised. Fundamentally, investigating cybercrimes will require identification, as well as tracing of related information. Additionally, it requires urgent retrieval of email records and log files among other kinds of files before such data is destroyed or deleted. This means that speed is of…

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