How Does Cybercrime Affect The Healthcare Industry?

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A big concern in society and the healthcare industry, which is just as likely to be a victim as any other industry, is the growing number of attacks caused by cybercrime. Healthcare costs rise because of cyberattacks and there is an increase of safety concerns for patients, not to mention the Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is violated. The effects of cybercrime can be damaging to all aspects of the healthcare industry, including but not limited to, consumers, healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies. The purpose of this research paper is to state facts about cybercrime and the effects it has on the healthcare industry, what actions can be taken for prevention, as well as my opinion on the issue.
Cybercrime Facts According to (Cybercrime, n.d.), cybercrime is defined as “criminal activity or a crime that involves the Internet, computer system, or computer technology”. There are many kinds of cybercrimes, such as the spreading of computer viruses, cyberterrorism, and the stealing of someone’s identity. A computer virus is a piece of malicious programming code that is associated with an attachment. It causes a computer to act in such a way that can be detrimental for the user and is often times unnoticed. When the attachment is opened, it will spread to other computers, therefore infecting them as well (Reynolds, 2014, p. 89). Cyberterrorism is a threat made toward all types of organizations including emergency
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