Cybercrime: Hacking

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With everything in society advancing rapidly, it should be of no surprise that technology is now used to commit crimes against other people. Those crimes include identity theft, stealing money, illegal gambling, and cyberstalking. This paper will review cybercrime and the differences there are from traditional crime and it will review the purpose of hackers. There will also be three cases reviewed to help bring light to what kind of cybercrimes are being committed around the world.
Differences between Cybercrime and Traditional Crime
For an individual to fully understand the difference between cybercrime and traditional crime, the individual needs to understand what
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Upon his release in 2000, he was restricted from using any communications technology which was more advanced than a wired home phone. Mitnick contested this ban and won. He now owns Mitnick Security Consulting LLC.
The RBS World Pay servers
WorldPay is a Payment Card Industry that helps businesses in payments processing. WorldPay headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia and have expanded globally in London, Belfast, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Sweden, Singapore, Montreal and a few other countries. WorldPay payment processing service enabled businesses to accept payments from customers from different payment types such as, Visa, MasterCard, discover, American Express, debit and gift cards, checks, Electronic benefits Transfer, and direct debit. The WorldPay hacking was considered the most sophisticated attack so far in history. In November 2008, According to Baker, Associated Press (2012) hackers infiltrated the RBS WorldPay servers and accessed prepaid payroll card numbers, cracked their encrypted pin codes, raised the balances on the cards and distributed dozens of them to a team of people around the world. Within a matter of hours, the same group of hackers hit 2,100 ATM terminals in 280 cities around the world from the U.S. to Italy to Japan. FBI tracked down the hackers by narrowing down their suspects to one man who worked for the company and his name is Oleg Covelin. After he found a vulnerability in the computer network that RBS WorldPay
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