Cybercrime Is Defined As A Tool Or A Weapon?

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Cybercrime is defined as the use of the Internet using the computer either as a tool or a targeted victim to commit crimes. Cybercrime is difficult to determine and does not have a clear classification system and uses two dimensions. The computer as a tool and the target consist of the first dimension. The second dimension consists of the crime itself: person, property, and victimless/vice (ebook crime) In the first dimension cybercrime is divided into two categories. The first, being the use of the computer as a tool, making the target of the cybercrime an individual. Individuals who commit such crimes do not require vast experience in technical expertise. Cybercriminals tend to attack on a psychological level and do so in a very intelligent manner. Police officers often do not have enough evidence to prosecute criminals of cybercrimes. Criminals of cybercrimes are also very difficult to trace and apprehend, often being in remote international areas, and have been operating for a long time, honing their skills. The second category is the use of a computer as a target. Groups of people tend to commit these types of crimes collaborating together, requiring a high level of technical knowledge and skills. These cybercrimes usually involve more severe cyber-attacks, for example the power grid failure, in the Northeast United States. Cybercriminals with this type of knowledge can with a group effort, create more sophisticated forms of attacks (ebook crime) The second dimension

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