Cybercrime Law Research Paper

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Cybercrime 27 & Agnew, 2006 ). People rationally choose to participate in criminal acts; in order to prevent these acts from occurring people need to know that consequences will outweigh the benefits. If people believe that the consequences outweigh the benefits t hen they will freely choose not to participate in the criminal behavior. On the other hand the positive school of criminology believes that individuals participate in crime because of forces beyond individual control and relies on the scientific method to prove it s theories (Cullen & Agnew, 2006 ). Individuals should not be held solely responsible for their actions because not everyone is rational. Outside factors can play an important…show more content…
Individual‟s with low self - control are “ impulsive, insensitive, physica l (as opposed to mental), risk - taking, short sighted, and nonverbal, and they will tend therefore to engage in criminal and analogous acts .” (Hirschi & Gottfredson, 1990) People with characteristics of low self - control may be more likely to participate in deviant acts because they want immediate gratification. As compared to individuals who lack self - control, individuals with self - control are able to delay immediate gratification and are more likely to be vigilant, emotional, verbal, and long - term orientat ed (Hirschi & Gottfredson, 1990). Individuals who possess characteristics of self - control may be better able to appreciate the consequences of participating in deviant acts and have the control necessary to delay their gratification. In conclusion, those who lack self - control are more likely to possess characteristics such as impulsivity a nd short - sightedness, that make crime and its immediate gratification more attractive to them, as compared to those who possess characteristics of high self - control such as being cautious and long - term orientated. This brings up an important question, does an individual‟s level of self - control develop over time or is someone born with one level of self - control
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