Cybercrime : Major Threats

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Cybercrime – Major Threats Introduction Computers suffer attacks, both at home and business atmosphere and they have develop steadily over the past twenty years. Based on the U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), “…worldwide digital attacks reached an all-time high of nearly 20,000 in January, causing more than $8 billion in damages.” (Mueller, 2003). Events and occurrences on identity theft which is the act of impersonating another person for profit or gain – are increasing and growing crimes in the United States, affecting around 900,000 new victims every year (Pollock & May, 2002). Personal information need valuable and exceptional security and should be possible to increment the effective security program which requires important research, and usually is a great investment in time and resources. Hackers, the cyber-criminals would seek any opportunity by creating new viruses and sneaking and shuffling their way through anyone’s computer in our nation. Distinguish what techniques should be used to start the investigation. The Chief Compliance Officer should create a written compliance plan because they need to monitor the highest risks for a potential cyberattack. The plan must and should address cyberattack procedures in addition to any other compliance matters, and this should include the following: The policies of the organization The Code of conduct Training for their employees Any specific incident response procedures. The compliance plan should be a living
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