Cybercrime: The Latest Ways of Stealing Identity and Money

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People try to protect themselves from being hacked every way possible. Hackers come up with new ways daily through which a person’s identity and money gets stolen. Waterson explained that, identity theft is the act of stealing personal information that enables cyber criminals to impersonate someone else. Someone can steal your identity by using your name, social security number, credit card number, or other personal information to commit fraud or theft. According to a United Nations estimate from 2000, losses suffered by business and governments from Cyber Crime during the preceding four years reached $600 million. As Waterson continued to discuss, he mentioned that users should be acutely aware of the dangers that lurk when opening innocent-looking emails, banking online, shopping online or even using Facebook or Twitter for social networking. A Computer Security Institute (CSI) annual survey for 2002 conducted in the United States revealed that, ninety percent of respondents had suffered security breaches, and eighty percent sustained financial losses due to such breaches that reached $14.1 million. Cyber Crime is a very incriminating act that destroys people’s credit report and lives. There are several ways but below are the three latest ways in which hackers operate and they are; through forwarded emails, credit card information and Wi-Fi networks.…
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