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The question fundamental to the philosophy of sex is the question probing into the nature of sexual activity. What is sex? Many have postulated on the subject, but have only further clouded the waters surrounding the subject. There are a multitude of philosophical answers addressing the question of sex ranging from the natural to the phenomenological to everywhere in between. It is essential to the discussion that a proper definition of sex be established before addressing any other issues. I plan to establish a proper definition of sex with an account of sexual perversion and then continue on discussing the nature of cybersex, infidelity, and love. Sex is generally defined the medical definition involving the sex organs, and…show more content…
These apparent discrepancies lead Descartes to establish a dualist philosophy wherein the body and the mind are completely separate and distinct. Others have postulated that only minds exist, and others still have suggested that only matter exists and can explain both the physical and mental phenomena. This problem shows up even in dreams as my body lies in bed, my mind then inhabits a world often astronomically different from the world where I fell asleep. This problem requires deep philosophical contemplation in order to be resolved. First there must be established what it means to be a mind. The most appropriate conception of what a mind is can be found in the philosophy of Jean Paul-Sartre. Sartre describes consciousness as intentionality. Intentionality meaning consciousness is always consciousness of something. Consciousness is the unitary phenomena of consciousness and its object. As consciousness is conscious of its object it is also aware that it is not that object. This is where the fundamental mistake was made by early philosophers; consciousness objectifies, but at the same time shows itself to be wholly different from the object. As Descartes contemplates his body, his body becomes an object for consciousness, but consciousness is then aware that it is not that body. This fundamental mistake was postulating that consciousness can be alone, without an object. The mind body problem rears its ugly head in the ideas expressed by
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