Cyberspace a Place of Risk Essay

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The revolution on new technologies, for instance Internet, has always helped our world and our society to evolve. Internet was at the beginning created for a source of information to be shared. It was a new kind of dictionary and encyclopaedia reunited. Then Internet was used for a new function: communication. Email, blogs, discussion groups and instant messaging were invented for the pleasure of everyone. At the same time it brought a new problem in our society, a problem of identity.

In this paper we will attempt to show that Internet communication is a place of danger and risk because we do not know for sure whom we are communicating with. However we must take into consideration that this view will not meet with universal approval.
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Because we are only in front of our computer we are not afraid to say what we really feel and think without being scared of the reaction of others. But on the other hand it is also very easy to abuse of this to create multiple identities and promote hate against others. That is why we can say that cyberspace is a place of risk and menace.

The first reason why Internet communication is a hazard for our society is because it will transform our cultural life. We were always used to live with paper and ink. It always took time for the letter to arrive to its receiver. Now having this new technology people use it very often.

Since it is such an easy and fast way to communicate people who use instant messaging and email have a tendency to use abbreviations abusively. It is a way to go faster and a new young way to communicate. Teenagers are the ones more concerned. New words are even invented. Teenagers are taking charge and pushing the boundaries of written language. For them expressions like oic (oh I see), [...], and lol (laugh out loud) are as standard as conventional English. (Jennifer Lee 254) What is scary is that as time passes when people start to write very fast it becomes automatic and unconscious for them to write with

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