Cycling Advantages

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Benefits of Cycling
Although cycling is not the popular choice among people, there is no doubt that it offers more health benefits than other modes of transportations. An assessment done by the American College Health Association reported that roughly 53% of students were not engaging in the daily recommended amount of exercise (Bopp 359). To add to that, something that always comes to mind when thinking about college and health is the infamous Freshmen 15. In the midst of their busy lives with classes, friends, and extra-curricular activities, many students, particularly freshmen, are unable to find the time to work out. EZ Bike is a great way to help students incorporate a little more physical activity in their day while obtaining utility to get to places faster. A university survey shows that roughly one-third of USC students did not even exercise for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes any day of week (“Healthy). By using a bike to ride around campus, students could easily obtain 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day without even having to go to the gym.
It is true that the implementation of a bike-share program will not completely solve the problem of college obesity or the Freshmen 15, but at the least, it can increase levels of physical activity and promote fitness. By physically having EZ Bike and its stations on USC’s campus, it serves as a trigger. Written by Jonah Berger, Contagious: Why Things Catch On is a book that describes how triggers are able to prompt action.
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