Cyclohexene And Simple Distillation Lab Report

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Part 1, week one, of this experiment consisted of the Synthesis of Cyclohexene and Simple Distillation. A 5ml short-necked, round-bottomed flask was obtained to add 3.0mL of cyclohexanol into it. Then, 0.75mL of 85% phosphoric acid using a pipette as well as adding a few boiling chips, to prevent bumping. The flask was then connected to the simple distillation apparatus. To set this apparatus up, micro-kit, such as the following, were used to build it: short-necked, round-bottom flask, Viton connector with a support rod. A distillation head with a 105° connecting adapter, air condenser, rubber connector, thermometer, thermometer adapter, Erlenmeyer flask that was used as the receiving flask, and a sand bath. The thermometer was carefully inserted into the rubber connector by holding the thermometer close to the adapter and sliding it in the connector using a twisting like motion; this was done while avoiding any forcing action which would have led to breaking of the thermometer. After the apparatus was built, the thermometer was fixed therefore its bulb was below the side arm and was not touching the sides of the glass; which ensured that the thermometer recorded the temperature of vapors which were distilling off. The apparatus was lowered making the round-bottomed flask rest in the sand bath and tilting it therefore the condenser end is resting on the Erlenmeyer flask. The sand bath was turned on to start heating the reaction mixture. The reaction was boiled for 10 minutes before distilling was proceeded. After the ten minutes, the temperature of the sand bath was increased and distilling of the cyclohexene was commenced. The distillation head was wrapped with aluminum foil to prevent heat from going out. A spatula was used to adjust the sand surrounding the round-bottomed flask to control the amount of heat that it tales in; it was adjusted therefore making the rate of distillation not faster than 2 drops per minute. Vapors were directed through the air condenser and were condensed back into liquid into the receiving flask. The simple distillation distilling temperature range was collected by recording the temperature of the first drop of distillate that is collect and the temperature of the last drop

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