Cyclone Network Essay

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1) Why do you believe you should be part of the staff team for CycloneNetwork?
I believe that I should be a helper on Cyclone Network because I think that I can be very helpful by keeping an eye on players that may be spamming, scamming and cheating. I normally check the chat to see who is spamming andI usually tell people off for that anyway so I think that I’ll be good in that area. I’m online most of my free time, so I’m an active player.I do talk a lot in the chat and TeamSpeak. Cyclone Network is the only server I play besides a simple UHC server, which I hardly play anyway.

Since I started making this application I’ve been reading a lot of other player’s applications and I’ve noticed that they are very good and that I have to compete with
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There are a lot of very nice staff members that have kept Cyclone Network a kid safe and an enjoyable server and I really want to become just like them, I want to show the players that I can be as good as the admins on this server. I believe that I can be as good as the active staff members of Cyclone Network.

2) Describe how you think you could make a difference on CycloneNetwork as a helper
I trust that if I become a helper I can be more observant with players and keep them from breaking the rules. I think that if I have that “Helper” title against my name people will take me more seriously and they will look up to me and trust that I can help them when they need it.

I’ve noticed that there are only a few staff members online when I’m online and I think there should be more than a few online. If I become a helper I will be online every day and help everyone and anyone with all of their problems. I’m very easy to get along with and I think that would make more players trust me to help them out and they won’t think I’m telling them a lie or scamming
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