Cynthia Kadohata Analysis

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The novel Kira-Kira, is set in Iowa around the 1950s. The author, Cynthia Kadohata, introduces Katie and Lynn, sisters who are about to move down to Georgia with their family. Katie is the youngest and looks up to her sister Lynn in an unimaginable way. Katie sees Lynn as a genius and the smartest person she knows. Lynn protects her, teaches her, and guides her through thick and thin. Not only are they sisters, they are best friends. Throughout the novel, Lynn begins to fade away from Katie. She gets new friends, becomes popular, and leaves Katie behind in the process. Towards the end of the novel, Lynn becomes ill. They think everything is going to be okay, and then Lynn passes away. The family is devastated and they grieve for a long time, but at the end, they celebrate her life instead of mourning it. They return to being normal and happy once again but still keep Lynn in the back of their heads. This novel brings in many themes, including racism, death, and growing up. The family is Japanese-American and they are discriminated against throughout the course of the novel. For example, when they move to Georgia, they have an incident with a woman in a hotel. On page 27, it states “She moved her mouth from the phone and said to my father, “Indians stay in the back rooms”…”We are not Indian,” Katie says.”Mexicans, too”…”We are not Mexican,” Katie says.”Hold on a second, Hon.” She set the receiver down and turned her focus on me. I took hold of my fathers hand. “Young
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