Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl Essay

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Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl

The plot of this story does not adhere to the conventional plot line. I feel that the Shawl’s plot came to early. Magda dies to early in the novel. I would have wanted her to be living just a little while longer so that we can build some sort of relationship with her. In my opinion, all we know of this fifteen-month-old baby is what Rosa tells of her daughter. Magda never lives long enough to see life through the eye of the reader. This takes away from a conventional plot line. Even though the book leads us up to the point of her death, the rest of the story is pretty much boring and it takes away from the reader’s attention.

In developing the characters throughout the story we begin with Magda. She is the
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She also mails back the Shawl to her aunt that really changes the outcome of the story. Stella was not talked about during most of the story after she had stolen the Shawl and Rosa had no idea where it was. I was thinking Stella would have to come back into the picture sooner or later. After the letter she sent to Rosa telling her she was fine and that she needs to move on with her life, it appeared that Stella has learned to accept life as it was given to her. She tried giving advise to her aunt, but to no prevail.
The author of this book has enabled me to sympathize with Rosa. In the beginning of the book they were in the concentration camp where she was trying to protect Magda from death and being seen. She also was trying to keep the family together while in the camp as far as not letting anyone recognize Magda and making sure Stella is okay. Magda dies and Rosa gives up on herself and her life as a woman. I feel sorry for her because I felt as though Rosa was a complete person. Someone that will feel the hardship and pain of Magda’s death and go on with her life after so much advise from Stella and Simon Persky to do so. She never took their advice and now she is by herself. Persky came into her life and tried to give her hope and turn her life around, but she never took advantage of that. She does things only when she has to. Her laundry needed to be done, but she does only when there isn’t any other choice. It
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