Cyp 3.1 Victim Support Essay

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Victim support is an independent charity for victims and witnesses in England and Wales. Victim support is a national charity that supports victims and witnesses of crime and it began in Bristol in 1972. They have been around for over 40 years and now have become the oldest and largest victims’ organisation in the world. The organisation was found by a group of people, including members of the National Associations for the care and resettlement of the offenders (also known as NACRO). There are numbers of services that are involved within the charity, which they refer their victims to if they cannot provide the right support and services the victim requires. Victim support stands to help individuals that are abused and violated.

Victim support
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Enhanced level entitlements are provided to “victims of serious crime”. This includes; victim’s aged under 18 (which was made changes to and now has increased from 17 to 18 for automatically considered vulnerable), victims of the most serious crimes and victims who are vulnerable, intimidated or persistently targeted. For instance, if a victim is called to give evidence at criminal proceedings they should expect to receive pre-trial court familiarisation visit before the court hearing. This will help the witness get more comfortable with the surroundings and acknowledge who seats where in the courtroom. The court will make special measure direction under section 19 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999, where the victim will receive an enhancement level of support in respect of relevant criminal conduct. This is an advantage for those who are willing to give evidence against criminals, as they will have more confidence on the criminal justice will be able to rely on their support. Victim support provides support through all these steps of the court process and beyond if the victim is in need of it. However, such support will need to be timely and of sufficient quality to meet the individual needs of every victim, including victims who require specialist
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