Cyp 3.4: Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

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CYP 3.4: support children and young people’s health and safety Task 1 1.1
When planning health and safety indoor and outdoor environmental services we must take into account
• The individual needs abilities and ages of the children and young people.
• Certain risk factors
• Mobility ,sensory ,medical needs
• The needs of carers and extended family
• The environment and the services that are available
The duty of care to always have the child’s safety and welfare in mind.
• The desired outcome clear aims and objectives based around the EYFS framework.
• Lines of responsibilities everyone has responsibility for the health and safety of the children and young people each member of staff need clear reporting
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Suitable people Providers must ensure that adults looking after children, or having unsupervised access to them, are suitable to do so.
Adults looking after children must have appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge.
Staffing arrangements must be organised to ensure safety and to meet the needs of the children.
Suitable premises, environment and equipment Outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture, equipment and toys must be safe and suitable for their purpose.
Organisation Providers must plan and organise their systems to ensure that every child receives an enjoyable and challenging learning and development experience that is tailored to meet their individual needs.
Documentation Providers must maintain records, policies and procedures required for the safe and efficient management of the settings and to meet the needs of the children
• I have policies in place which cover
• Safeguarding policies and procedure for reporting
• Suitable person all adults have a current CRB
• Suitable premises comprehensive risk assessments are done and recorded daily
• Car travel, lost child, notify able diseases, large play equipment and garden policy, behaviour and physical intervention. Accident and incident policy and record book, medical record, permission policy and emergency plan /childcare. Plus many more to meet each child’s
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