Cyp 3.4 Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety

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1. Can you describe what risks you have to think about when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services, give 5 examples. a. The first thing to do is read the risk assessment folders for the student/students involved in the activity. It is necessary to ensure the activity is safe and appropriate for all the students and staff involved. For example if one of the students was not safe to be near water it would not be safe to include that student on a trip that involved being on or in water of any description, like a trip to the beach. It would also be necessary to check details such as if one of the students is likely to target or bully a particular peer. This information can be included in his risk…show more content…
But the checking of the equipment - if the slide is broken and it's not safe - what do you do? Repair or replace? - do you remove it from play straight away? Etc is the responsibility of the person overseeing the group of students at that time. On occasion someone is in charge for certain things such as checking and keeping the first aid box up to date/getting the equipment looked over and replaced/repaired etc? Electrical equipment items need to be checked (Even when new) before they are passed on to students, and then regularly checked at certain intervals to ensure they remain safe. This is the responsibility of the head of the health and safety committee but can and usually is handed on to someone else. Checking warning signs and labels is also the responsibility of the head of the health and safety committee but is also usually delegated. The list is endless and continually evolving, but the policy and who is responsible is illustrated on the flow diagram below. 4. Explain how health and safety risk assessments are monitored and reviewed? See Flow Chart Below 5. Explain why it is important to take a balanced approach to risk management. In simple terms explain why all your team needs to manage risk in the same way. The
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