Cyp 3.6 Working Together for the Benefit of Child and Young People

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CYP Core 3.6 Working together for the benefit of children and young people 1.1 Explain the importance of multi-agency working and integrated working.
As a childcare practitioner it is important that I am able to recognise when a child in their early years may have a range of learning needs. To be able to understand the way I need to work with others to ensure that the learning plan that is in place for this child has a positive impact on their health, development and learning. To ensure I am offering an inclusive practice where the child is supported and feels valued and is helping them towards achieving the Five Outcomes of The Every Child Matters Framework.
Different professionals working together will help to improve the
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The functions of external agencies are to support and ensure that young children and their families get the support needed so that children can get the best possible start in life.
As a childminder my services interacts regularly with Children centres who offer classes such as toddler groups which assist a child in their early years with their development through play, songs and story times. They also offer training and support to children and their families such as finding employment, childcare and breast feeding.
Childminding network groups which offer support and guidance to childminders within the Early Years Foundation Stage with support around the planning of activities for the children we care for.
My Local authority children services, which runs childcare and early years training courses for childcare providers with specialised workshops such as supporting children with Autism or behavioural problems.
My local authority safeguarding children’s board supplys me with all the information I need to keep up to date with on how to safeguard and promote the welfare of our children and young people.
National childminding association offer me training and the support I need within my setting. Health care professionals such as health visitors who offer support and guidance for children and their families. * I have asked a health visitor to visit a family for a child I had recently began to care for in the past as the

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