Cyp Core 3.1:

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CYP Core 3.1: 2.3 Explain how theories of development and framework to support development influence current practices. There have been many theories on how children develop and learn, some of the theorists who influence the educators of today on how to best teach children. Jean Piaget Cognitive Piaget studied the thinking and logic of children and he believed that children had different logic to adults. Piaget started his theory by observing and studying his own children and concluded that children learn and build their ideas on what they see and experience, not by what they are taught. The more the children see and gain in experience the more their schemas would change and develop as they add new information. This is known…show more content…
Children will continue with the pattern of behaviour depending on the type of response they get. For example, if they get positive reinforcement they will continue as they are getting positive attention which in turns makes them feel good about themselves, which feeds their self esteem, ego and ‘vice versa’ for negative reinforcement. (See Skinner) John B Watson Behaviourist Watson’s theory was based on the ideas of classical conditioning of Ivan Pavlov who used animals for research and believed that they could be taught anything by watching and copying others. Watson further developed the theory applying it on people’s behaviour, based on the conditioning and training of behaviour and on the belief that anyone could be taught anything as we are all born with the same abilities, disregarding feelings and emotions. Watson believed that we are all born with blank minds, environment determines our behaviour, and behaviour is the result of stimulus and responses. In my setting a SEN school, Watson’s theory is very evident in current practice. The school environment is children centred, it is bright, warm, colourful, stimulating and safe and celebrates achievements by displaying photos of children achievements around the school. The teaching in my class is stimulating, consistent and repetitive at the beginning of each day and each lesson. This is done to train, teach the children the routine of their day and what behaviour
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