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CYP Core 3.7: Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people

Social factors
Personal choice
Some families decide that they do not wish to live or act in a way in which is viewed as normal. For instance a child may be from a travelling family. The outcome of this factor is that there are people which may not be able to relate to the child or young person’s families views. If a Child is from a travelling family there is a possibility that their development at school may be delayed due to being transferred from school to school.
Poor parental supervision and neglect
All children need a routine and a loving family home. Without these there may be conflict at their school because they do not know or
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If a child is within a poverty stricken family and this is noticeable by the clothes the child wears and activity the child's parents may not be able to afford then the child is at risk of potential bullying.
Housing and community
Families on a low income can be placed in local authority housing. If the family grows then this can cause overcrowding within the home. It can result in child having no privacy or space which can affect the child homework. If the home is within a dangerous area then this may result in the children becoming isolated, as their parents may be fearful of letting them out to play or they may themselves become involved in anti-social behaviour and criminal activities.

Lack of academic achievement
Children whose parents have had poor education or lack numeracy and literacy skills may struggle at school. Their parents may show little in their education and as a result they themselves may also lose interest and starts miss behaving in class or follow in the wrong crowd of friend which will lead to them failing in their education and struggle to get employment as an adult.
Cultural factors
Religious beliefs and customs
Children may have to attend a school that is associated with their religion. It is always possible that this gives the child a different quality/balance of education. They may struggle to understand other people‘s religion or lifestyle choices. They may become confused or isolated and

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