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It is an important part of a practitioner’s job to observe and assess children in order to establish where a child is at with regards to their development, health and well being and if they require extra support. The factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development are: * Confidentiality – Parents/carers must give consent for information to be collected and stored about their child and they should be able to access this freely. If information needed to be shared with other professionals, signed consent needs to be gained from the parent/carer with the exception of cases where it is believed a child is in immediate and significant harm. All information recorded must be securely stored so it is not freely accessible …show more content…
It is important to make judgements on a child’s development in order to see if they require additional help or support. Practitioners must ensure judgements are based on actual information recorded and should also bear in mind opinions from parents/carers, colleagues, and other professionals. Practitioners may need to explain why they have formed an opinion but must be prepared to have an open mind if others disagree.
For my observations I chose a child who was 14 months old. See attached appendix 1 for the observation notes.
Before doing my observations I decided that I would use the narrative technique. A narrative assessment involves recording things as and when they happen in detail, over a period of between 10 and 20 minutes. I decided to use this technique as they can be used frequently without the children noticing too much. The only disadvantage could be that you may miss key observations as you are busy writing things down.
From my observations I have developed a development plan. See attached appendix 2.
The plan I devised was implemented straightaway. When the child next came into the setting I decided to set up a sticking activity after breakfast as I thought it would be better if the child had been fed so they would be more likely to concentrate. After breakfast the child was sat in the home

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