Cypop 5 Task 2 Essay

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Behaviour Policy

It is my policy to set clear boundaries for children’s behaviour.

My procedure is always to reward and encourage good behaviour. This could be done verbally or in the form of a reward chart.
I will discuss the boundaries for behaviour with all children, if children understand the boundaries they will feel more secure.
I will take into consideration the age and stage of the child and their individual needs.
Distraction will be used to divert a child’s attention.
Where possible, I will explain why what they have done is wrong.
I will be a positive role model for them at all times.
I will discuss any behaviour issues with parents, where necessary.
I will never humiliate, restrain or isolate a child.

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After every accident, however minor, I will: * Complete a report in my accident book * Ask you to sign the report and then provide you with a copy.

Sick Child Policy

I appreciate that as a working parent you need to be able to go to work, however if your child is unwell then they will be better cared for in their own home with a parent. I am happy to care for children with minor coughs and colds but will not care for children who are very unwell, infectious or running a high temperature. I have to consider all children in my care.

If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea, the 48 hour rule applies.

If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, I will make them as comfortable as possible, isolate them from the other children if necessary and reassure them. I will contact you immediately and continue to care for them until you arrive.
By making alternative arrangements for your child and keeping them away from the setting we can minimise the risk of infection to other children and adults and contain the illness.
If you have any concerns regarding this policy please contact me.

Safeguarding Policy

Child protection
My first responsibility and priority is towards the children in my care. If I have any cause for concern I will report it, following the local Safeguarding Board procedures. The relevant local procedures I have are available on request. I understand that child

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