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CYPOP 7 – Promote creativity and creative learning in young children 1.1 – Analyse the differences between creative learning and creativity Creative learning is about how children are actively involved in their own learning and their ability to make choices and decisions. This can be achieved by providing a creative environment, allowing exploration through play and praising the child’s creative efforts. Creative learning is about helping children develop imaginative thinking through exploration of materials, objects and problem solving skills like ICT. It is also about giving children opportunities to make connections between different areas and to relate to them. Some creative learning activities may be goal orientated like the…show more content…
Many may believe that creativity is a progress, this means that creativity will follow a pattern to make it happen, this will also help to build upon skills that will occur. Nature versus nurture is a debate in the area of psychology. In terms of children’s creativity, some think children are born naturally creative, for example having a gift for music or having a creative personality. This is known as the "nature" theory. Others believe creativity is something that can be taught. This is known as the "nurture" theory. The cultural approach means that every child will be creative so many things will affect this. As practitioners you have to give the child the right environment that will help children to explore and be creative with how they want to be. Cognitive theories is when children make relations between different things, this theory look at how the brain puts things together, lots of opportunities need to be provided for the child to develop knowledge in lots of different areas, and so that they can draw on their own views and experiences. Some theorists such as Robert Sternberg and Howard Gardener argue that being able to make new connections and to create a drawing from them is a type of intelligence. The ‘Creative Partnerships’ programme was set up in 2002 by the government in response to the influential report ‘all our futures’. They use the term ‘creative learning’ to try and sum up their education programme. They believe creative
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