Cypop5 Assessment Task 7 Essay

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Assessment 7: Understand How to Provide Play and Other Activities for Children in Home-based Settings That Will Support Equality and Inclusion. Topic 1: Play 5.1: Explain the importance of play to children’s learning and development and the need for an inclusive approach. The relationship between play and learning seems obvious to many child professionals and parents, and yet there are still lack of understanding surrounding the importance of children's play. Some people believe that children need to "work" not play, and that playing serves no useful purpose in a learning and development environment. This is surprising considering that play, with its high levels of motivation and potential enjoyment empowers children (as well as people…show more content…
Children's work is their play, and it is vital that adults childminders support and extend children's play experiences effectively. Inclusive Play: Apart from the importance of play it’s essential that inclusive play is promoted by all child professionals including childminders. The values of Inclusive are: Every child should be treated as an individual with respect no matter of their social ethnic background, beliefs, health status or ability. A truer understanding of the world: that there are similarities and differences between people; the development of attitudes such as tolerance, appreciation of difference, acceptance of perspectives and perceptions other than their own; To play as one unit to develop a richer play environment which includes different language and methods of communication, a wider range and use of play materials. This should help other children to respect and understanding other children in your care setting. As a childminder it is important to be a positive role model to teach each child to have a sense of self, self-esteem and positive reinforcement of their sense of identity; experiences linked to curricular goals, in particular in the realms of social and emotional development, language development, knowledge and understanding of the world and citizenship; the ability to exercise their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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