Cyprus and the European Union Essays

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Introduction Cyprus is considered as one of the many developed countries in reference to our European Union today, but nevertheless it is still dealing with one of the most disregarded issue such as the discrimination of women. In almost all of the domains, from family institution, private institution to government institution, women are facing gender discrimination. Although today, women occupy the highest demographic part in our society, statistically they are still facing the challenge of being treated as a minority. Its predomination and still influencing pattern begins from low employment wages and perpetuates in almost all other domains. In 2004, Cyprus joined the European Union community paradoxically, in 2005, out of…show more content…
One clear example of the above is that from the latest centuries up to now, women are not allowed to enter the church during their menstrual cycle, considering themselves as sinners and dirty. As time passed, these religious beliefs were transferred into family institutions where men were predominant and women were submissive. Another reason that makes the Cypriot church such a powerful factor of influence is the fact that even today, it is the second richest institution after government. This implies that until now they still manage to have a strong autonomy over educational and governmental institutions thus, decision-making. Political voting can be indirectly influenced by the patriarchates, along with educational institutions where one of the lessons in the main curriculum is religion. Therefore from an early childhood, the Cypriot society is shaped to segregate towards women. Cultural Attitude in Family Environment Leading to the second contributor of gender discrimination where religious beliefs, penetrate into the family environment. From early times, a woman accustomed to participate in different kind of skills and jobs as to men, who were ultimately considered to be the strongest futurity, for they had to work and support their families. Thus, women were suppose to wake up every morning arrange the breakfast for both kids and husband, take kids to school, prepare any kind of lunch and dinner, whilst clean the house and
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