Cyrano As A Tragic Hero

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While many works of fiction portray love through a utopian perspective where true love is easy to achieve, the story of Cyrano follows a failed quest for intimacy, where Cyrano’s own tragic flaws stop him from achieving the romance he dreams of. It is these same tragic flaws that help to define Cyrano as a tragic hero in Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, and it is these same flaws that eventually lead to Cyrano’s tragic fall. However, some of these flaws are also the admirable traits of the large-nosed hero’s character that also help to define him as hero. Due to this fact, Cyrano is able to gain respect from others, but never truly reaches his ultimate goal of having Roxane’s love. While Cyrano never truly experiences Roxane’s…show more content…
Along with his lack of self-confidence, Cyrano has an incredibly strong sense of selflessness that causes him to go to outrageous lengths to aid others. While a respectable trait, his extreme sense of selflessness also forces Cyrano to curb his emotions for Roxane, creating another mental blockade for Cyrano’s non-existent happiness. The combination of all the negative aspects of Cyrano’s traits is a key factor in what eventually lead to Cyrano’s tragic fall. Throughout the play, Cyrano never truly reaches the great height or high esteem to the extent of other tragic heroes, such as Oedipus and Macbeth, have reached. Nevertheless, Cyrano still goes through the tragic fall that all tragic heroes must go through, and does so to quite a dramatic extent. However, Cyrano’s tragic flaw is much different from that of other tragic heroes in that it is stretched over a long period of time, as opposed to the rather short downfalls of other tragic heroes. Cyrano’s tragic fall starts from Christian’s death and ends at Cyrano’s own death. When Christian dies, Roxane begins to mourn for him, but in doing so, she is mourning for the Cyrano’s affection for her, which he hid behind Christian’s handsome face. While Cyrano had the capability of telling Roxane the truth right after Christian’s death, he instead chose not to say a word for fifteen more years. The huge-nosed hero’s

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