Cyrano De Bergerac Essay

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Cyrano De Bergerac

The story begins at the Hotel de Bourgogne in the year 1640. Christian de Neuvillette attends the theater with a man called Ligniere in hopes that this man can identify the woman he has fallen in love with. Ligniere identifies the beautiful lady as Roxane, cousin to Cyrano de Bergerac. Christian also finds out from Ligniere that Count de Guiche is in love with her as well. Ligniere told Christian that he made a song that told of de Guiche’s scheme to get Roxane and that de Guiche probably hated him for it. Ligniere leaves and heads out to a tavern while Cristian stares up at Roxane. In the mean time, a thief had been approaching Christian to make an attempt at stealing from him. When Christian reaches into his pocket
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Cyrano sets the meeting up at Ragueneau’s shop at seven o’clock. Cyrano forgot his sadness and became giddy with excitement. He was interrupted though by Ciugy who brought Ligniere and Brissaille with him. Ligniere read aloud a note that he had been given that warned him he was in danger. Cyrano set out to confront the assassins with a crowd of people to watch.

The next part in the story takes place at Ragueneau’s bakery. Ragueneau is a poet and congratulates Cyrano for his duel in verse. Cyrano anxiously awaited the arrival of Roxane. Cyrano decided to write Roxane a letter telling her how he felt about her but was unsure how to give it to her. He finally decided he would give it to her in person. In the meantime a group of poets enter the shop and greet Ragueneau. They discuss that the night before, a man killed eight men by himself. They asked Cyrano if he knew the hero but he told them he didn’t. The poets forget about the topic and go on to eating free pastries.

Roxane and her duenna enter the shop. In order to obtain privacy, Cyrano fills three bags full of pastries and tells the duenna to go outside and not to come inside until she finishes the treats. Roxane tells Cyrano she has fallen in love with Christian. Christian was joining the Guards as a Cadet and she wanted Cyrano to protect him from the Gascons. Cyrano agrees to protect him and Roxane thanks him. After she
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