Essay on Cyrano De Bergerac is Aristotle's High Minded Man

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Le Haut Homme Occupé D'Aristote In Cyrano De Bergerac, written originally by Edmond Rostand in French and translated to English by Brian Hooker, Cyrano de Bergerac stars in an epic of his fictional life as a high minded man. Aristotle, a great philosopher, states that a high minded man must have a mind that is concerned with all great things. Now, what are these "great things"? There are plenty of great things that a high minded man must value. I have chosen to explore three of them to show that Cyrano is an example of Aristotle?s high minded man. The first great thing is honor, Cyrano is a very honorable person. The second one is helping people but not asking for anything in return, Cyrano likes to help those in need, even when he does…show more content…
For example, when Roxane tells Cyrano to protect Baron Christian de Neuvillette, her new love, Cyrano respects Roxane?s request by stating, ?I will be his friend.? (65). For a true Gasconian like Cyrano, it is undesirable to befriend a non-Gascon like Christian. However, Cyrano remains honorable and respectful to Roxane even when he has a bit of a grudge on Christian. In addition, Cyrano protects his reputation by hiding his pain after his confrontation with Roxane on her new love, and replies to Le Bret by saying, ?In pain? Before this crowd?? (70). Cyrano is too scared to ruin his reputation, so he replies in a loud voice and acts as happy as ever. In order to defend his pride and respect Roxane, Cyrano circumnavigates around the question in order to be as honorable as possible. To do everything to help and ask for nothing in return is a mark of a high minded man. For instance, when Christian needs Cyrano?s help to woo Roxane, Cyrano says, ?Let us try what can be done, it is more than you deserve?? (104). Although Cyrano has strong feelings towards Roxane, he will still help Christian to get what he wants ? Roxane. Afterwards, Cyrano realizes that Roxane likes Christian for his good looks, but actually loves Cyrano for his words. So he comprehends that helping Christian without getting any love from Roxane is being very considerate of him, a sign of a high minded man. Also, when Raganeau and Le Bret notify Cyrano that Moliere has stolen a scene, word for word, Cyrano

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