Cyrillic is the Russian Alphabet

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The Russian Alphabet The Russian alphabet is called Cyrillic after the Greek missionary St Cyril and his brother St Methodius. Some letters are derived from the Latin alphabet, while others come from Greek and even Hebrew. Apart from Russian, the Cyrillic alphabet is used in other Slavonic languages. Once you mastered the letter and the corresponding sound, it will be quite easy to read as the letter usually stays the same, so in this sense the Russian language is much more logical than the English language. There are 33 letters in the Russian alphabet. 2 of them are silent. Russian and English letters • Here are the letters which are similar to their English equivalents: А а АПЕЛЬСИН (orange) М м МА́МА (mother) К к КОТ (cat) С с МА́СКА (mask) О о КО́СМОС (cosmos) Т т ТОСТ (toast) Е е КОМЕ́ТА (comet) • Here are the letters which look like the English ones but sound completely different. Sometimes they are called “false friends”, so please beware of them! В в МОСКВА́ (Moscow) Н н НЕТ (no) Р р РАКЕ́ТА (rocket) Х х ХАРА́КТЕР (character) У у ТУР (tour) • These letters are all different from the ones in the English alphabet. Some of them are similar to Greek letters, but most of them only exist in the Cyrillic
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