Cyrus The Great 's Personal Life

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Cyrus the Great, or ‘Kourosh-e-Bozorg’ in Persian, was the founder of the Archaemenid Empire (also known as the Persian Empire). Within his 29 years of Kingship, he had managed to create a legacy that lasts to this day through his military campaigns against several empires, conquering the lands from present day Turkey to India, and ruling with religious tolerance. This assignment will discuss Cyrus the Great’s personal life as well as describe his actions that have founded the basic principles and strategies that contributed to the success of the Persian Empire.
Cyrus II (or simply as Cyrus) was born in the years between 590-580 BC in Persis (present day southwestern Iran) and lived to 529 BC. Through his father
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Herodotus wrote the most about Cyrus, and his birth story written by him is the one most accepted, on the other hand this birth story could also be called a folk story as it mentions Cyrus as having superhuman qualities.
According to Herodotus, Astyages, who was the king of the Median Empire, gave his daughter to an ally in Persis named Cambyses. While his daughter was pregnant, Astyages dreamt of the baby overthrowing him and destroying his success when it grew older. Astyages then ordered his grandson to be killed, but that order was not carried out as his chief advisor gave the baby to a Shepard. 10 years later, Astyages was unexpectedly reunited with his grandson when he went to discover what he believed to be a random child with superhuman qualities. Astyages was convinced by his chief advisor to let Cyrus live. Another birth story is written by Ctesias (another Greek historian), who claimed that Cyrus was not royal. Instead, he was born into a nomad tribe from Mard. His mother (Argste) dreamt of her unborn son becoming a great king. Cyrus was born and grew up as a servant of Astyages, and Astyages sent Cyrus to supress a revolt; however he did not obey the orders and he participated in the revolt against Astyages, which resulted in him losing his throne and Cyrus gaining it.
Cyrus commanded three large military campaigns that were the result of Cambyses passing away,
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