Czchechoslovkia: From Communism to Democratic Republic

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Under the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, the state’s strongest political party, Czechoslovakia maintained a strong military power and official leaders was integrated into the core of the society. With this, myriad of regulations was imposed on the public and oppositions were curtailed. Half of the country was brainwashed by the obscured benefits of communism while the other half was left unconvinced by the government’s deception. Czechoslovakia was originally comprised by Czech Republic and Slovakia but due to their differing militia objectives, an initial gap was created which later led to the total division of Czechs and Slovaks. Coupled with such division, Czechoslovakia was demolished and Czechoslovak officials’ authority was placed in uncertainty. With the designation of the Czechoslovakian party as a criminal organization, the Czech Republic was committed in lustrating the former leaders and placing them under transitional justice while Slovakia remained passive. This paper will provide the foundation of Czechoslovakia’s “decommunization” to give a background of how this strong state fell apart. Then, an introduction of a resulting legislation, specifically lustration, will follow to furnish the impact of communism in the legal systems of Czech Republic and…
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