D. A. R. E. Class Analysis

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n D.A.R.E. class, it teaches us about friendship, peer pressure, positive choices, how it advertise, decision making and drug effects about drugs. I think everybody should take this type of class because when you are a teen, you might run into this. At least once in your life, you will get pressured into doing something related with drugs. This D.A.R.E. class will give you tips for later on in your life. Friendship can be a good thing, but if you are not careful, it will be bad. It can become bad by doing something bad, just like offering a certain kind of drug. What I learned, you can say no, changing the subject, walking away, giving a reason, and there is many more. A true friend will never offer a drug, if you are a true friend offering…show more content…
Negative choices is the opposite of good. Like taking a medicine your doctor doesn’t want you to take. Also if you don’t make positive choices, you can get grounded, lose your friends, and many more possibilities that could happen. Decision making is a very important like to try a drug, and not , if you don’t know what to say, just trust your gut. If you trust your gut, you will be smart about drugs and make healthy choices to live longer. Sometimes, positive people around you can help you stay out of trouble and can lead to friendship. If you keep a good friendship you will have to make smart choices just like with drugs. I think friendship can help you in many different ways, and sometimes you can help them with decision making if needed. Drug effects are still bad in every single way even how much alcohol you drink. The worst thing about drug effects is, that it can lead to death and cancer. Almost everything have a consequence, just like short-term memory lost and respiratory problems. It is always going to get worse and worse and then it is always death, but if you try to quit. If you quit using drugs, the drug effects will not get worse, and your family will be proud of
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