D. A. R. E: Important To Kids All Around The World

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D.A.R.E Essay
By: Abby boehm
D.A.R.E is something you can learn so much from. D.A.R.E helps kids all around the world by showing them that there is better things to do besides drugs and alcohol. The kids that follow D.A.R.E do not usually get into trouble. They also always have somewhere to go. In my community I have somewhere to go if you want to hang out. Also if you do hang out you have a drug and alcohol free place. I really like D.A.R.E.
D.A.R.E is really important to kids all over the world. It is so important because it shows them that there are better things to do besides drugs and alcohol. Lots of kids do not understand that there are better things to do! I really like D.A.R.E. I like it because it shows me how to handle somebody
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He is really nice. I think that if you have a nice Officer it helps you want to keep going with D.A.R.E. If you have a bad teacher then you will want to tune out and not pay attention. That will lead you into the wrong direction though. D.A.R.E is here to help us and that is exactly what it is doing. All over you will see D.A.R.E signs. D.A.R.E is an acronym. The D stands for define. Define means just to look at what you are dealing with. The A stands for asses. Asses means to ask yourself “ Is it a problem or opportunity?” The R stands for respond. Respond means to know what the answer is. Then there is E, and E stands for evaluate. Evaluate is where you think to yourself “ Was this the right choice?” D.A.R.E is something that I think is helping all over. D.A.R.E is all about keeping active and not getting in trouble while doing it. When you do drugs and alcohol it can really mess with your body. Especially if you are underage. I can really, really harm you if you are abusing it! In D.A.R.E even if you do abuse it you can always go to D.A.R.E to stop it. That is why I another reason I really like D.A.R.E, you always will have help there! My pledge is that I will not be involved in Smoking, Drugs, and
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