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Critique the prioritizing process at D.D. Williamson D.D. Williamson’s prioritizing process started off not good but once they realized their mistakes they were able to sit down and rethink their prioritizing process. As mentioned, “We took three years and two iterations of our prioritization process to finally settle on an approach that dramatically increased our success rate on critical projects (now called VIPs, or “Vision Impact Projects”). ( Kloppenborg, Nkomo, Fottler, McAfee, 2012) Even though it took them a minimum of three years they realized their mistakes and were able to overcome their negatives results and turn those results into a negative. Not all projects will be successful or even start off successful, but D.D.…show more content…
That way the potential employees that are being recruited to work at Apple® first impression of the company will be positive. A recruiter can be compared to a salesperson. They are salespeople in that they are selling the company to the potential employee. When a person is going to the store to purchase a major appliance they are going to want the Salesperson to have information about the product whether it is bad or good to convince them to purchase the item. In other words, the recruiter will need to know enough information about the job and the company just in case the potential employee asks any questions. There are two characteristics that the recruiter will need and that is to be warm and informative, this will show they care about the applicant and are excited about giving you the information. When the recruiter is informative, they are providing all the information to the applicant that is needed in order to become an employee of the company. When the recruiter has a positive and knowledge able attitude the company and the potential employee is in a win-win situation. (pg. 147) Create a scenario where the implemented process at D.D. Williamson would not work. There are several ways Apple® can plan for effective HR resources. One way is forecasting, which will determine if the company will experience a surplus or a shortage within labor and supply

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