D Day And The African Campaign

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D-Day and the African Campaign

On D-Day we lost many people,up to 10,000 people! We had many people that fought during D-Day including the British,Canada,America,and Germany. As a result of the battle the Allies won and the nazis lost. For the Allies it was a victory but for others it was a devastation. On the date of September 1, 1939, it was the start of World War I when Germany invaded Poland. The fighting spun out of control and continued for six years. The leader of the Axis powers was Hitler. Germany,Japan,and Italy all fought together which was known as the Axis powers (Martin 4). There were four countries that fought against Hitler,those countries are Britain,Canada,the U.S,and Russia. These countries together were called the Allies. The allied powers and axis powers both gave their all fighting so nobody really had any idea who would win the war (Martin 5). When Hitler would invade and capture countries ,he basically named this accomplishment “Fortress Europe” (Martin 6). Hitler thought the more countries he captured the more power he had,and he thought he had an advantage of beating the Allies (Martin 6) On the east side of Germany,Russia fought long and hard against Germany. The Allies put a stop to hitler taking over more of the land on the east side. If there were any chance that the Allies could get into western europe. Then they could take their land back (Martin7). In Order to get the germans out of the land that they had taken…

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