D Day And The Effect On Bedford

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Kaitlyn Overstreet Mrs. Trahan English II 28 October 2015 D-Day and the Effect on Bedford, Virginia How can a small county have such a significant loss, and still recover immediately after and in the future? D-Day took a big toll on the population of Bedford, Virginia on June 6, 1944. The events of D-Day still influence this small community today. Germany invaded northwestern France in 1940; however, the Americans entered the war in December 1942 and formed an alliance with Britain. Adolf Hitler was aware of the threats of invasion and put Erwin Rommel in charge of defense operations (History.com). In January of 1944, General Dwight Eisenhower became commander of Operation Overlord. Since Britain and America were Allies, they used the alliance to deceive the Germans. They made the Germans think they were attacking Pas-de-Calais instead, they attacked Normandy. They also made the Germans think that Norway, as well as other locations, were potential targets (History.com). The Allies used many tactics to help with the deception, like fake equipment, a phantom army, and fraudulent radios. June 5th was the original day for the invasion. Unfortunately bad weather caused the attack to be postponed until the next day. On June 6th, at dawn, the Allied troops invaded Western Europe from the sea. The Allied armies spent several months preparing for this large amphibious attack. In addition, air attacks were used to keep German forces from moving troops in to protect the

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