D&G Gang Rape Advert

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Television commercials or print ads are often developed that rely on unusual creative tactics and have very little relevance to the product or service being advertised. Creative personnel in agencies defend the use of these ads by noting that they are novel and provide a way to break through the high level of clutter on television and in magazines. Evaluate the pros and cons of this argument. Find an example of a television commercial or print ad that takes an unusual creative approach and discuss whether you feel it is effective or ineffective.

‘Suicidal’ Advertising or not?


John Paul Mifsud- MKT 762: Integrated Marketing Communications
This advert was first issued in March 2007 edition of ‘Esquire’ magazine (Spain).
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An affective IMC strategy implies thorough understanding of their customers and the identification of the market (demographic) since a product cannot broadly apply to all consumers. D&G are targeting young men & teenagers, middle and upper class professionals, metrosexual couples and people that are employed in artistic and innovative industries such as interior designers.

Why should these categories buy D&G products? What is the perceived value customers gain when purchasing D&G products? Marketers are aware that some teenagers and young men find it difficult to socialize with women. This advert is informing this category that with D&G products socializing with women becomes an easy task (Women will fall for you!).

The black box at the background and the white opening symbolize their liberal and rebellious attitude. They are challenging the viewers to think outside the box (lateral thinking- black box). They are provoking the viewer to reflect and dig deeper, to search for the connotative meanings behind the rape scene. The background portraying the clouds gives the notion of paradise and transmits the feeling that the woman is giving consent. In other words they are saying that this is not rape but a heavenly experience. This idea might appeal to metrosexual couples. D&G is making a statement that they cater for people who are open minded (white opening).

One might argue that the idea behind using these images
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