D-Met With The Womens Group Summary

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D-Met with the patient as the Women's Group was cancelled due to low attendance. This writer addressed with the patient about her AWOL status, at which the patient started to get emotional as she is struggling with transportation, borrowing her mother's car, her husband is still having issues getting into the Hartford Dispensary-tested postiive for methadone, and too much stressors in her life, which is causing the patient to not eat. This writer validated the patient's feelings, provided support, and made suggestions. The patient admits to relapsing yesterday by purchasing 10 bags of heroin, but using 6 and gave her husband 4 bags-use of method was IV. The patient feels guility of using, but her stress factors are overbearing her recovery process and the patient struggles with coping. She then says, " When I come to the Women's Group, I feel good....I was hoping there was going to be group today....I don't know." This writer provided empowerment and encouragement to the patient to focus on her recovery process and proceeded to discuss risk factors of what she will lose.…show more content…
The patient was appreciative of the certificate and was emotional as she expressed her
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