D. R. E. Decision-Making Model

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The D.A.R.E. program was an engaging learning experience that will help me throughout my life. I learned many valuable lessons that will help me stay tobacco, drug, and violence free and also how to use prescription and over-the-counter medications safely. Additionally, the program has taught me ways to make healthy and wise decisions by using the D.A.R.E. decision-making model.
I learned that smoking is NOT good for ANYONE. Up to 480,000 people die a year from tobacco related causes, and approximately 3,000 die from lung cancer by breathing in secondhand smoke. Our United States surgeon general believes that by the year 2050, the U.S. will be smoke free! Tobacco puts the health of your friends and family at risk, so kindly remind them that it isn’t good for them.
We also learned about marijuana. Like tobacco, marijuana has nicotine. However, marijuana has 50%-70% more cancer-causing chemicals than tobacco smoke, making it even more dangerous. Not only does marijuana affect your lungs, it also affects how your brain and body work. Short-term memory loss and the inability to concentrate are other symptoms. Marijuana is against the law and it is illegal to use and sell in most of the United
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decision making model helps us make good decisions. We learned that when we are faced with difficult situations, or in a potentially violent predicament, we should first define the challenge we are dealing with. Identifying the problem is the first step in order to efficiently solve it. Next, we should look at the different choices we have. Looking at both the pros and cons. After that, you need to take action and respond. It’s important to be confident while responding to your situation. Finally, evaluate, ask yourself, did I make a good or bad choice? It is good to analyze the outcome to determine if you should react differently in the future. This is especially true if you made a bad choice, identifying what went wrong could help you make a better decision
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