D. Weapons Are Not A Thing Of The Future

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A teen finds a file online. It is marked by the name “The Liberator”. Inside is the 3-D model for an unmarked weapon.
It is untraceable, comes with a bullet, and is available to anyone to download and print when they please.
The first place he decides to take his newly printed weapon is his local high school. The first school shooting of its kind ensues.
This could quickly become a reality in our community. A model for a gun has in fact already been created and downloaded over a million times. In most places in the United States, the government has no regulations to stop anyone from creating this single shot monstrosity. Many states are working to put some laws in place. One example of a recently introduced law is being passed in California.The law states that all 3-D printed weaponry must get a serial number from the Department of Justice. This law won’t come into effect for over 2 years. 3-D weapons are not a thing of the future, they are already implemented into our society.
The liberator, a 3-D modeled gun, has been around since as early as 2013. This gun was made as free open-source software for anyone to download. This small firearm shoots a single bullet and is potent enough to kill. The gun does take some assembly, which means most small children should not be capable of creating this weapon, but it still can be considered dangerous. The liberator contains only plastic parts, which means that it could pass through metal detectors. Currently, most of the

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